paying it forward and how bespoke gallery was born

Ne hao ma (cantonese for how are you)! Starting a new business is not easy and neither is trying to figure out everything yourself. I was lucky. In the early days of my business, I stumbled across a cheery lady from on an online business page who lived only a few streets away. She openly gave me advice and learnings from her own experiences starting a business. She taught me invaluable tricks of the trade that would have taken me months or even years to figure out on my own! Adding to this we became friends. We met for coffee...

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the juggling act ...

  Ne hao ma (cantonese for how are you)! Meet our cute little guy ... Jack! Since he came into the world, so many aspects of my life changed ... 'ah-huh' say all the mums reading this! But the biggest challenging was mastering the juggling act ... and with next to no sleep! Whether it's a work-life juggling act, or the household-newborn juggle, it's a heck of a change to adapt to.. and for someone with a 'work-is-life' attitude this was a major life changing event for me! Don't get me wrong, in my work life I've had many juggling...

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birthday parties … how to DIY

DIY birthday party first birthday monster truck party

Ne hao ma (cantonese for how are you)! I’m sure most of you would agree that a child’s first birthday party can bring with it high expectations… usually from yourself and maybe from some of your close family and friends! Like most mothers, when my son’s first birthday was approaching I knew that we had to throw the best first birthday party he could ever imagine … even though he wouldn’t remember it and nor enjoy it. In today’s post I’m going to share with you Jack’s monster truck party and how you can do it yourself. I started preparing...

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easy school holiday activity for kids of all ages

blogging101 kids activities school holidays school vacation

During the school holidays it’s always a good idea to have a few easy activities for the kids. Children’s television shows are great inspiration for kid’s activities. From crafting to cooking to imaginative play. One of my favourites when I was young was Mr Squiggle; waiting in anticipation to see what he would create from the ‘squiggle’. This is one of the easiest activities you can do with your children at any time, not just during school holidays and is great for kids of all ages including big kids!  Plus it’s versatile - you can play it on a blackboard...

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hello and welcome to our blog!

blogging101 welcome

  Ne hao ma (cantonese for how are you)! I am the founder of ch!nadoll gift boutique and we have put together this blog to share some of the great things we do here, and not just what we put together to sell online. Creating personalised gifts has always been a hobby of mine. I love to make gifts for people, from mini albums to gift cards to photo frames to gift baskets. The time and effort that goes into make a gift, or even simply a card, brings lots of joy and satisfaction as it allows me to create...

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