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During the school holidays it’s always a good idea to have a few easy activities for the kids.

Children’s television shows are great inspiration for kid’s activities. From crafting to cooking to imaginative play. One of my favourites when I was young was Mr Squiggle; waiting in anticipation to see what he would create from the ‘squiggle’.

This is one of the easiest activities you can do with your children at any time, not just during school holidays and is great for kids of all ages including big kids!  Plus it’s versatile - you can play it on a blackboard (a la Mr Squiggle), on butcher’s paper, on the pavement, in the car or out at dinner.

How to play (for one or more players): Draw a squiggle. Then create a picture using your squiggle. If there is more than one player, give your squiggle to another player to create into a picture.

Enjoy our free printable squiggle activity sheets and Happy Easter!

Jo tau (cantonese for good night)

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