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Ne hao ma (cantonese for how are you)!

I am the founder of ch!nadoll gift boutique and we have put together this blog to share some of the great things we do here, and not just what we put together to sell online.

Creating personalised gifts has always been a hobby of mine. I love to make gifts for people, from mini albums to gift cards to photo frames to gift baskets.

The time and effort that goes into make a gift, or even simply a card, brings lots of joy and satisfaction as it allows me to create a gift especially for that person.

Then there are love jobs.  The things we do for people because we want to (wedding invitations, daycare activities, baby shower activities etc). These give me great satisfaction too to know that people believe in my abilities.

In the upcoming blogs I’ll show you some of the gifts I’ve made as well as some of ‘love’ jobs I’ve done, and how you can create something meaningful for someone special.  And if you just can’t come up with the right gift to create, take a browse through our online store for inspiration or simply allow me to create that special gift!

Stay tuned… and jo tau (cantonese for good night)


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